What is The Best Bed Headboards and Footboards For Adjustable Beds?

Bed headboards and footboards form a crucial part of the bed frame. Besides providing a foundation where the mattress can rest, these boards play a role in enhancing the décor of your bedroom, where you can expect them to make or break the overall look of the bedroom.

Since you do not want to offer support for the mattress and sacrifice the look of the bedroom, give us a chance and let us help you find the best bed headboard and footboard for adjustable beds. You can find a strong, affordable, stylish, and easy to fix headboard or footboard in the products below. So, read on with an assurance of transforming your bedroom décor as well as your sleeping experience.

What is headboards and footboards?

Are you wondering what a headboard and footboard are? Let me turn your concentration to the structure of a bed frame. A headboard is the piece of furniture attaches to the head of the bed. This structure keeps you isolated from the wall preventing cold air from sinking onto the bed. On the other hand, the footboard is the furniture that complements the headboard on the other side of the bed frame. Footboards enhance aesthetic balance while completing the connection of the bed frame.

The Best Headboards and Footboards for Various Beds

For you to pick the best headboard or footboard that will fit your bed type, then you must have an idea of what to look for when buying these boards, the reason you need to have a look at this guide and use it during the selection process. Headboard and footboard size Beds are of different sizes, where you are likely to come across a twin bed, full bed, queen-sized, king-sized, or California King Bed. So, which bed are you looking forward to purchasing? Based on the size of the room, the number of people to use the bed at a time, and the size of the mattress you bought, be sure to get a headboard and footboard that will help you come up with the perfect bed frame.

Best King Bed Headboards and Footboards – Modway Annabel King Upholstered Fabric

Headboard king of our review is Modway Annabel King Upholstered Headboard. Acquiring the title of the best king bed headboard, you can rely on this unit to deliver long-lasting reliability for years to come. The fact that the headboard is constructed using a quality blend of plywood and fiberboard enhances strength and a lightweight design that is easy to deal with when assembling. Away from that, the headboard boasts deep inset buttons. These enhance an elegantly tufted design which makes Modway a great addition to modern décors.

Headboard for king bed
Headboard for king size

To ensure that the headboard adds a luxurious design that makes a sophisticated fashion statement in guest rooms and master bedrooms, Modway further incorporates chic details and a flowing shape to ensure a stylish look in all decors. The headboard is safe when added to any room since it is made with flowing contours and a fine polyester fabric that is soft to the touch.


  • The headboard is lightweight hence easy to install.
  • It connects easily to bed frames.
  • The headboard easily adjusts to a height that enables it to accommodate a mattress comfortably.
  • The headboard is beautifully crafted.
  • It doesn’t wobble.


  • Some buyers complained of not receiving the required hardware alongside the headboard.
  • The legs are made of wood which means that it can’t last long like those that feature metal.
  • The headboard leans when posted high.

Best Twin Bed Headboards and Footboards

Best twin bed for headboards and footboards
Headboards and Foot-boards for twin bed

Excellent addition to any bedroom is the Harper & Bright Designs Headboard/Footboard. The headboard is made using 100% pine while the footboard features MDF. Both materials are safe which makes this combination the best twin bed headboard and footboards for use in kid’s rooms. Another plus of this set is the solid wood slat support. This guarantees stability further assuring you of getting a product that will ensure your little ones’ safety.

Harper & Bright Designs Headboard and Footboard is easy to assemble, thanks to the fact that no box spring is needed. Further, the headboard and footboard add a stylish, minimalistic design in a range of room since the base is designed to beautify the look of bedrooms. The headboard and footboard are availed in walnut and white which means locating a color designed to match your bedroom’s décor. Besides the two boards, you can expect to receive wood slats as well to ensure fast and accurate assembly.


  • The boards feature a lightweight design that makes them easy to maneuver.
  • The units are easy to assemble using basic tools and included hardware.
  • The headboard and footboard feature a great size which is perfect for use with kids.
  • The boards are solid and sturdy to ensure lasting reliability.


  • The instructions are not clear.
  • The rough edges on the slats risk causing damage to the mattress.

Best Metal Bed Headboards and Footboards – Zinus Modern Studio Platform 2000H Metal Bed Frame

Ensure stylish and strong support for mattresses with this modern studio platform bed. Featuring steel as the main material, the bed is a perfect choice for those in need of the best metal bed headboards and footboards. Apart from that, the bed frame features wooden slat support designed for latex, spring mattresses, and memory foam. As such, you can be sure to have the bed frame offering adequate supports for heavy mattresses to ensure safety and long-lasting performance.

Best Metal Bed Headboards and Footboards

Best Metal Bed Headboards and Footboards

The bed frame features a low profile 10” frame height and a 7” clearance under the bed meant to offer plenty of under bed storage space. Once you get it, you do not need to get a box spring for your bed due to the strong mattress support that increases the mattress’s life while protecting it from sagging. The frame is availed in a variety of sizes including twin, full, king, and queen.


  • The headboard and frame combine stylish mattress support.
  • The frame assembles in minutes.
  • The bed frame is super-sturdy. Expect no wobbling or creaking.
  • Clear instructions make the assembly process enjoyable and easy.


  • The box is quite heavy which means you might need a helping hand to take it. However, this is understandable due to the frame’s construction material.

Best Wood Bed Headboards and Footboards – Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Another innovation from Zinus is this 12” deluxe solid wood platform bed. Strong and stylish, the headboard features an Espresso wood frame. Because of this, you can expect it to add a stylish look to a range of decors, and better yet, last through continued use. Apart from that, the headboard is easy to assemble. In fact, it doesn’t require you to get a box spring separately, which means that you can get ready to use it within minutes of its arrival.

The headboard comes with a sturdy wood slat mattress support designed to guarantee increased mattress life. You can use the support with latex, spring mattresses, or memory foam, thanks to the strong design that supports heavy mattresses. Zinus wood platform bed is 12” high which means that you can decide to use it with or without a box spring. The solid wood keeps mattresses supported and buoyant to guarantee the longevity of your mattress.


  • The legs of the headboard are made using pine to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • The platform bed is easy to assemble.
  • The wood features a great finish.
  • The directions are clear and easy to follow.
  • Great packaging protects the bed supplies from getting damaged during the shipment.


  • The wood delivers some smell during the first days.

Best Headboards for King Beds – Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered King Size Headboard

Best Headboards for King Beds - Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered King Size Headboard

Best Headboards for King Beds – Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered King Size Headboard

Whether you are updating your bedroom or starting a new, you can be sure to add a stylish look and make your room feel spacious with the Flash Furniture king size headboard. Featuring a tufted button design with a diamond pattern stitching, this headboard adds a stylish look to traditional and modern decors.

Asides from that, the headboard features a slim panel. Because of this, it makes your room spacious which makes it perfect for people with small rooms. The black metal stands featuring adjustable bed rail slots are another plus of this headboard so that you can fix it according to your preference and get it with an assurance of long-lasting performance.


  • The headboard is beautiful and reasonably priced.
  • It comes with the required assembly hardware and instructions.
  • The packaging is great since the bolts come separated from the manual and the rest of the supplies.
  • Sturdy design means getting the best value for money.
  • The headboard comes in a range of colors and sizes.


  • The board features a little bad smell which diminishes as days go by.
  • The cushioning isn’t very thick since one feels the board after pressing on it hard.

Best headboards for queen beds – Zinus Upholstered Channel Stitched Headboard

Add texture and warmth to your bedroom with the Zinus Upholstered headboard. Featuring a high-density foam padding, you can get the board with an assurance of comfort. Adding to that, the headboard features a soft gray vertically-stitched upholstery. This enables it to add a classy design to various decors which makes it a great addition to modern and traditional decors. The headboard is availed in light gray and grey as well as full and queen sizes enabling you to pick one that matches your needs.


  • The headboard is well made and sturdy.
  • It is easy to attach to bed frames.
  • Legs are made of metal to enhance durability.
  • The headboard is lightweight and easy to assemble.


  • The pre-drilled holes are quite small which means that you might be required to make them larger.


Buying the best bed headboard and footboard shouldn’t cost you endless visits to the shop. With an idea of the bed frame to buy, you can be sure to get a frame that will last through continued use and one that will add a stylish look to your bedroom decor whether traditional or modern. So, pick any of the reviewed items having paid a close at the buyer’s guide and be sure to make a buy that will leave you smiling for years.

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