What Do I Look For When Buying Storage Beds With Drawer?

Today, the living space is luxury and every square foot costs a dime. Thus, in order to let your home, appear spacious, you need to get the right furniture. The most popular idea today is to create shelves on your furniture. Storing items within your bed may save you space. Herein discussed is a guide on storage beds.

What are Storage Beds?

Storage beds offer storage spaces compartments where you can set up your household items for quick retrieval. These beds are ideal for storing extra pillows, beddings, and seasonal items. Moreover, there are different types of such storage beds based on how the cellar is accessed or placed. These include:

What type of storage beds are available?

Storage beds are ideal solutions for creating enough space from your bedroom. They use floor space that would otherwise be wasted; making them perfect for storing items that often do not have a specific place to be in, so what are the types of storage beds available on the market?

The most popular types of storage beds are:

  • Cabin beds
  • Ottoman beds
  • Divan Beds

What is a Divan Bed?

Divan storage beds are streamlined bed designs that do not require an exterior frame. The mattress on this type of bedsits unswervingly on top of the flawlessly sized base, minimizing wasted space triggered by having a huge bed frame. In addition, Divan storage beds are obtainable with under the bed drawers in that base which is ideal for extra storage. The Divan bed frame maximizes the existing space by providing extra storage solutions; thus, making them perfect for small, minimalistic rooms.

Divian Bed
Divian Bed

What is a Cabin Bed?

Cabin beds are a great solution for keeping kids’ bedrooms compact and tidy. typically, a cabin bed comprises of a single bunk bed featuring and under the bed storage. Additionally, it features a desk for homework. Cabin beds take minimal space by providing an excellent solution for keeping your child’s room organized, no matter the size of the room.

Cabin Bed
cabin bed

What is an ottoman bed?

ottoman bed
ottoman bed

With this type of bed frame, the storage is completely hidden. Hence, making them a great option for people looking for extra space but prefer a stylish look. The storage in ottoman bed is located beneath the mattress and since it is powered by a gas-lift hydraulic system, it is easy to lift the lid and safely store away your items. Ottoman is the modernistic and practical beds that are currently available in the market and offer a huge space for storing your items.

With Different Storage Beds Available in the Market, which one should you buy?

Well, when it comes to finding the perfect storage bed that will not only serve you well but also gives you the right storage space that you require you need to consider the following.

  • What you want to store.
  • How much space you have in your room
  • How often you want to access the items.

Knowing the answers to the above questions will help you decide on the best storage bed that you need to buy.

How much space do you have?

The right storage bed depends on how much space you have in your room. If you small space, then we recommend the following:

Getting an ottoman storage bed since the bed storage space open upwards; thus, you will not require additional space beside your bed. The only precaution you need to take here is for the bed lids not to hit your lights.

A bed with storage on one side or at the end maybe ideal for small rooms.

What do you want to store?

Storing your items under the bed is the easiest way to keep your bedroom clutter-free. Thus, before you commit to buying a storage bed, you need to determine what you want to store inside it. Additionally, it is worthy t note that beds often with weight restrictions; hence, it is worthy to check on how much weight your bed can hold. Besides, weight restrictions range from one manufacturer to another.

How often do you want to access the store?

When shopping for a storage bed, you need to consider how often you want access and use the items stored inside it.

On a daily basis

If you will be accessing the items on a daily basis, then drawer storage is ideal for your situation, individual drawers make it easy to organize and store items. besides, you can easily retrieve the items without much hassle.

Monthly or Quarterly basis

If you are storing seasonal items, then ottoman storage comes in handy. The large storage space and easy lift make it easy to access the storage space easy throughout the year.

Storage beds provide you with an opportunity to pack away your pieces of stuff easily. They offer you a perfect solution to make good use of your bed space. Highlighted below are some of the advantages of storage beds.

It helps eliminate the need for other pieces of furniture. You can always store your old books and remove the bookcase from your living room. Additionally, you can use the bed storage space to keep some of your infrequently used shoes and get rid of the shoe rack.

Is it Necessary for Storage Beds to have Box Springs?

A box spring refers to wooden support that lifts up your mattress off the ground. keeping off from dust and cold air. Until recently, the box springs were required to raise the mattress in order to distribute a person’s weight and as a shock absorber. However, with storage beds, a box spring is not a necessity. In fact, if you include a box spring on your ottoman bed, it will not fit in. Thus, there is no need for it. Although it is not a necessity right now, having proper support is. Without proper support, your mattress will sink and become unforgettable.

Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Captains

Bookcase captains
World captain Bookcase Storage Bed

Gift your kid with this World Captain Discovery full-size storage bed. It has a wealth of relaxation and storage space to offer. The bed is available with various storage options including trundles and drawers. Besides, the bed is reasonably priced with a fully functional headboard and a nightstand.

Design and Features

The Captain Discovery bed is made from solid pine wood. The bed looks sturdy and is available in merlot and honey shades both with a reddish tinge. Additionally, the bed comes as a set of bed frames, drawers, and a headboard. All the drawers on this bed are fixed on one side with the other side being open. The good news is that you can fix the drawers on any of the sides. Additionally, the bed has no slats hence making it ideal to be positioned against the wall on one side.

The full captain size bed is available in options of either six drawers to one side or three drawers and trundle. The drawers on this need are large enough to carry 2-3 blankets. You do not need a spring box on this bed since your mattress will perfectly fit in. In addition, the headboard has a big alcove and is divided into racks. The beds are tested and certified to meet the ASTM 1427-07 regulations by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).


  • 6 drawers of a trundle + 3 drawers
  • The headboard has a book chest and nightstand.
  • It is very easy to assemble.


  • Not that durable.

Donco Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed

Donco Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed

Donco Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed

The Donco 760-Cp is one of the sturdiest loft bed made from pinewood. So if you are looking for a loft bed with solid design and uniqueness, then this should be your ultimate choice.

Design and Features

The bed features a dresser and bookshelf which are removable. These parts are not attached to the bed and you can place them anywhere in the room. Removing the dresser and bookshelf from the bed will deliver a large play area under the bed, Besides, it makes a great studying cubby for your child. Although the desk can be pulled out, you can not completely detach it from the bed. The sliding desk is one of the major highlights to this bed. Additionally, the bookshelf area is spacious; hence, you can place tall books without much hassle. The drawers are deeper and wider than expected besides you can place your kid’s clothes and toys in the shelf without much worry since it has enough space.


  • Simple design and decor that can fit in any room.
  • The bed is sturdy and made from pinewood.
  • Easy access and storage

Atlantic Furniture AC5940002 Nantucket Murphy Bed

Atlantic Furniture AC5940002 Nantucket Murphy Bed

Atlantic Furniture AC5940002 Nantucket Murphy Bed

The Atlantic Furniture is a Murphy style design that creates a multifunctional room in your room while at the same time giving you a perfect blend of style, design, and comfort. A solid density board is used in the construction. Additionally, the bed has a slat mattress support system that gives it increased comfort. Besides, the mechanism used here is very simple when it comes to opening and closing of the bed walls. Furthermore, the Atlantic Furniture AC5940002 is very convenient to use. You only need to use one handle to pull the bed for lowering while the leg of the bed will be flipped down onto the floor. Additionally, the bed is designed in a way that it provides maximum space in the room.

Cabin Beds

Today, there is little room for fantasy while choosing a bed for your child. tipi tents, race cars, and other romantic beds are priceless, however, it pays to think about practicality too. In small rooms or spaces, cabin or elevated beds are often trusted to keep thing functional and tidy. If you are thinking of buying a cabin bed, then make sure that the finishes are non-toxic and suitable for your kid. Nonetheless, we recommend ACME Spring Cottage Weathered White cabin bed.

Why ACME Spring Cottage Weathered White and Washed Gray Full Bed?

The Spring collection full-size cabin bed is an incredible and a dream come true for kids. If you are looking to transform your kid’s room into an incredible dreamland, then this is the ideal choice for you. Additionally, the bed features a washed gray roof with a weathered white finish throughout the house. Besides, it has light brown curtains that have a novel and fascinating design. Gift your kid this bed and it will make it alive and thrill them for years to come. Moreover, the bed is crafted from pine wood, plywood, and MDF coupled with cottage design. In addition, once you get this bed, you do not need to purchase a box spring since your mattress will sit pretty on top of it without much hassle.

The Best storage Queen Bed to Buy

The market is full of different types of storage queen beds and making a choice on the best bed to take home can be daunting. However, if you are looking to bring back that fascinating and glory into your living room, then the Novogratz Kelly should be your best option and here is why?

Novogratz Kelly Bed with Storage, Queen, Dark Gray Linen

Novogratz Kelly Bed with Storage, Queen, Dark Gray Linen

Novogratz Kelly Bed with Storage, Queen, Dark Gray Linen

If you are looking to bring some keynote elegance into your then Novogratz is the best option for you. Additionally, the bed has a simple modern style coupled with clean linens and upholstery. Besides, the well-designed bed frame combines chic colors with different convenient storage compartments. The storage drawers are underneath the bed; thus, providing extra space for your storage. Moreover, the bed frames are made from sturdy wood that includes secured wooden slat system, side rails and center rails that help keep comfortable without any slightest worry. Besides, Kelly Novogratz does not require a box spring or foundation. Some of the unique features and design of this bed include;

  • It does not require foundation or box spring
  • Made from bentwood with slat support included
  • Has a modern design in silhouette with clean upholstered linen.
  • Has metal side rails that offer additional support.

The Best Storage King Bed to Buy

King Select 4-Post Platform Bed with 4 Drawers, Drifted Gray

King Select 4-Post Platform Bed with 4 Drawers
King Select 4-Post Platform Bed with 4 Drawers

Made from Solid wood posts, this platform storage bed displays quality craftsmanship and style. From the headboard down to the hidden pull out storage drawers at the bed is nothing but a perfect choice for you to add storage, comfort, and style to your bedroom. In addition, the bed is made custom hardware that keeps it aligned and only requires a mattress. Besides, the wood slat comes in two sections to help prevent motion transfer while at the same time provide individual comfort. Moreover, the platform is raised by 8.5 inches which allow for optional bed storage.


  • Ideal for standard king size mattress
  • Made from solid wood posts
  • Does not require foundation or box spring
  • The custom hardware keeps the bed aligned

The Best storage Twin Bed to Buy

Sauder 411222 Shoal Creek

Best storage Twin Bed to Buy

Best storage Twin Bed to Buy

Do you wish to add elegance and style to your room? Well, with country roots and contemporary soul, this bed from Shoal Creek is what you need. The casual appearance of the bed offers a stylish alternative to the traditional home. Besides, the warm style and finish of this bed are accented with soft white finish with a bin-style drawer, which pulls in a unique shape. Tapered legs and sculpted under bed drawers and door edges confirm the sleek design and uniqueness of the bed. The casual and warm appearance of Sauder 411222 Creek hides a heart bed built with great technology. Each piece of the drawer is designed with appropriate removable dividers to versatile storage and organization.


  • The bed features two drawers, metal runners and safety stops
  • It has a soft white finish
  • Features removable divider for easy storage and organization
  • The mates bed can accommodate a twin-sized mattress

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