What Foam Mattress is Good for Side Sleepers?

Best foam mattress for side sleepers

Side sleepers are people who sleep on their side. It is estimated that side sleeping is the most common position for many people around the globe. If you are a side sleeper, do not worry as side sleeping is one of the recommended sleeping positions for many people. Side sleeping is associated with many benefits such as better airway circulation, preventing snoring and a healthy heart. Additionally, when you sleep on the side, you prevent heart burns and enhance the digestion process.

However, sleeping on the side can have some negative effects on the body when you sleep on the side for many years. It causes pressure on the shoulders, lungs and the stomach which can lead to problems. Therefore, side sleepers experience back and neck pain due to the pressure and strain. These issues faced by side slippers are preventable. It is important for a side sleeper to find the right mattress that is specifically designed for side sleepers. These mattresses are designed to offer side sleepers the comfort and support they need during their sleep. Today, the market has a wide range of mattresses for one to choose. One of the most used mattresses by side sleepers is the foam mattresses. Here is more information about foam mattresses and side sleepers.

Different types of Foam Mattresses for Different Purposes

Foam mattresses are the most famous types of mattresses in the market today. Most people use these mattresses due to their comfort and high-quality foams. Today, many types of foam mattresses have come up. The different types are designed for various purposes. When choosing foam mattresses, you should consider your sleeping style, your preference to temperature, motion, and firmness. Foam mattresses include;

Polyfoam for heavyweight sleepers

The polyfoam mattresses are ideal for heavyweight sleepers. If you are a heavy sleeper, make sure that you choose a mattress that will not be affected by the weight. The mattress has an open cell structure whereby it bounces back to the original shape after sleeping, making it ideal for heavy sleepers. Polyfoam is used for cooling purposes. They have interlocking cell-like appearances that allow circulation of air in the mattress.

Moreover, the mattresses can conduct heat from the body which results in a cool night sleep. The mattresses are quite cheap compared to other mattresses in the market, and young people and students mostly use them. The density of the foam mattress varies on the individual’s preference.

Memory Foam for side sleepers

memory foam for side sleepers
Memory foam for side sleepers

Memory foam mattress has been in the market for a long time. They are the recommended mattresses for side sleepers. It is denser than the polyfoam mattresses, and hence they can be used by all types of people. It can return to the original shape and viscosity after being compressed when one is sleeping. The advantages of using memory foam mattress are that they offer support and relieve pressure on different parts of the body which mostly affect side sleepers. It is also ideal for sleepers with back and neck problems. It is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the market due to its softness and high-quality foam. Therefore, if you are a side sleeper, makes sure that you go for this type of mattress and you will not suffer from back and neck pain.

Latex foam mattress for firmness

Latex foam mattresses are made from organic and eco-friendly materials. They are famous for their durability and environmental friendliness. Latex foam mattress is very firm compared to polyfoam and memory foam, and they can be used by all body types and people with different sleeping positions including side sleepers. When you take good care of these mattresses, they can last for many decades without wear and tear. However, they are quite costly due to their high quality compared to other mattresses.

Different Types of Foam Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is a good sleeping position. However, it can cause more pressure on your joints, mostly the shoulders and the hips. Most people who side sleepers find it hard to change their position; hence they need the best foam mattresses. Foam mattresses are popular among many side sleepers as they offer the comfort that one deserves at night. Here are the different types of foam mattresses for side sleepers.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattress is the top foam mattresses in the market. The mattress is perfect for side sleepers as it allows horizontal alignment for the hips and spine. They prevent and heal the pain that is caused by pressure on the joints and muscles. They are high-density mattresses for maximum support. They have a cooling technology that prevents heat from being trapped into the mattress making it ideal for people who are affected by excess heat at night. They offer consistent support whereby the density of the mattress does not get affected when one sleeps on one side of the mattress. They have elasticity for bouncing back to the original form. With memory mattresses, you can choose the thickness you want.

Latex mattresses

They offer both comfort and support that, a side sleeper needs. They align well with the body of the side sleeper and helps in relieving pressure points. They are made of latex layers which makes them durable for many years. They have good elasticity after being compressed.

Hybrid mattresses

The hybrid mattresses are made from both foam and coils. The coil is for support while the foam is for comfort. They help keep the body in the right position during sleep. One of the advantages of hybrid mattresses is that they are customizable. You can choose the layers and the density you want.

Gel-infused foam mattress

The gel-infused mattresses are specially designed to reduce the amount of heat. They allow excellent air circulation at night which creates a cool and comfortable bed for side sleepers.

Plant-based memory foam mattress

Plant-based memory mattresses allow side sleepers to have a good night sleep. These mattresses are made from materials that come from plant-based sources. The materials are combined with other materials to make a perfect mattress for side sleepers. They have cooling qualities and are ideal for side sleepers who want to conserve the environment. If you are a side sleeper who wants to go with a mattress that help conserve the environment, then this is your prefect choice. Besides, the plant based memory foam mattress is durable and offer the comfort that you require.

Is Memory Foam Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers have a challenging time trying to choose the right mattress due to the varieties in the market. Over recent years, memory foam mattresses have become very popular. Their popularity is due to the fact they are the best mattresses designed for side sleepers. If you are a side sleeper, memory foam mattresses should be your choice for a good night sleep. Here are the reasons why memory foam mattress are good for side sleepers.

They relieve pressure

One of the main problems that side sleepers face is extra pressure on the joints. When joints and the spine are under a lot of pressure, a side sleeper will experience pain at night, and this may affect sleep quality. Memory foam mattresses are designed to prevent pressure points. They compress the weight of the side sleeper and distribute it across all the parts of the bed. They also conform to the sleeper making sure that one does not get distracted during the sleep. The ergonomics of this mattress is unbeatable since they transfer pressure from your body across; hence, you will never feel pressure especially from your joints thus a good night sleep is guaranteed.

Spine alignment

When your spine is not well aligned, you cannot enjoy your sleep. Memory foam mattresses support each body part including the back. They can spread your weight across the bed’s surface, which allows the spine to stay in the right position throughout the night. Memory foam mattresses can contour to your body which supports your spine throughout the sleep. Without the spine alignment, a side sleeper is likely to suffer from pain and muscle pain.

Motion Absorption

Memory foam mattresses can absorb the motion. It means that when you sleep on the side of the mattress, the motion is not transferred to the other parts of the bed. Therefore, if two people are sleeping on the same bed, and one turns, it will not affect the other person as the motion will be absorbed.


As a side sleeper, one of the things to look for in a mattress is durability. Memory foam mattress is known to have a high life span. The durability of the memory foam mattress depends on its density. On average it can last up to 10 useful years. Their durability is due to the high-quality materials that make these mattresses. During their lifespan, they do not require any repairs or replacements.

What is the best foam mattress for side sleepers?

As a side sleeper, the choice of your mattress will affect how comfortable you sleep. The best type of foam mattress is the memory foam mattress. Today, there is a wide selection of memory foam mattress brands and models in the market. Hence, making the best choice can be a daunting task. However, below, we have highlighted some of the reasons why you should consider memory mattress as your ultimate mattress choice.


Every side sleeper needs a good night sleep. It can be achieved by finding the best foam mattress designed for side sleepers. It can be a daunting task, choosing the right one for you. But do not worry as we have identified one for you. It is the Sleep Master which has all the qualities that a side sleeper needs. Here is a review of Sleep Master for side sleepers.

It is a memory foam mattress.

One of the reasons to consider Sleep Master is that it is a memory foam mattress, which is known to be the best for side sleepers. It has 1.5 inches of memory foam, 1 inch of microfiber and 4.5 inches of high-density fiber. Memory foam mattress provides side sleepers with the comfort and support they need for their sleeping position. In addition, the mattress has the ability to absorb your body pressure and apply across equally without sinking at some points due to your weight; thus, making it ideal for side sleepers.

It is environmentally friendly.

The Sleep Master mattress is infused with natural plant oils, green tea, and charcoal. Therefore, no chemical or petroleum products are used which could cause odor. If you are concerned about the environment, this is the mattress for you.

They are certified

When choosing a mattress, it is important to know if it has passed all the regulations required. The Sleep Master mattress is CertiPUR-US certified to make sure it is made with high-quality materials. The certification also ensures that it lasts for long and offers support and comfort that one needs while sleeping. Moreover, the certification is a surety that the company puts your comfort and health first before anything else. Besides, the certification is a guarantee of quality.


The manufacturer offers a warranty for this mattress for ten years. It means that the mattress is designed to last for more than ten years of useful life. Investing in this mattress guarantees you that you will get value for your money. No company would offer such a high number of years on their mattress if they are not sure of the quality of the product, but since the company has every belief in their mattress they sure it will provide you with the service you need without failure, otherwise you are free to invoke the warranty.

Compression technology

The Sleep Master mattress has a compression technology which means that the mattress can be compressed easily during transportation. The mattress can be rolled easily to fit in a box.

Different types of firmness

With this mattress, you will be able to choose the firmness that you want. They have the medium, firm and extra plush.

Mattress for side sleepers

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